Implementing the BSFT® Program : Training Overview

Training Overview

“Reductions in behavior problems are related to the agency’s fidelity to the BSFT® Program. A strong training commitment leads to great outcomes.” – Joan Muir, Ph.D., Brief Strategic Family Therapy® Institute Executive Director.

The BSFT® Program workshops are only part of the ongoing training commitment that Brief Strategic Family Therapy® Institute makes to the agencies, clinics and therapists that it trains. In training therapists to competency, workshops then ongoing supervision and review and fidelity ratings are required to gain BSFT® Program site licensing. Prior to launching the workshops, a site readiness process is implemented to evaluate and prepare the site for integrating the BSFT® Program into their organization and current working methods.

If conditions are met, the training program begins with three three-day workshops including interactive lectures, videotape demonstrations and clinical case consultations, plus weekly supervision of the BSFT® therapists.

Workshops consist of:

  • Interactive Lectures
  • Case Presentations (videos)
  • Live family sessions

BSFT® Program training curriculum is comprehensively manualized. The proprietary manual is available to organizations who agree and commit to training, supervision and licensure.